Did you know that 2022 was a particularly interesting harvest in the end? Here we are with our periodic report from the Montefalco countryside, the one through which we update you on the most important news concerning our cellar. As you may recall, what we left behind was one of the hottest summers ever and one of the driest. It did not rain for months, so much so that we thought we were going through a challenging harvest. Luckily, starting from the end of August, we began to enjoy the first rains, rainfall which also continued abundantly during September and which coincided with a clear drop in temperatures before the harvest, which we concluded here in Romanelli in line with the other vintages, around the end of October. The harvest was wonderful: we brought grapes of rare integrity to the cellar, which led to very fragrant wines with good acidity and no hotter than usual. In short, we are delighted, especially if we think back to the most difficult moments of the season, between July and August. A result that is closely linked to the agronomic management of the vineyards and to the fact that they are treated by us in an even more stringent way than organic. The great microbiological richness of the soils in such extreme situations becomes essential to allow plants to overcome periods of stress without excessive fatigue. It was also a good year for extra virgin olive oil, perhaps not so generous in quantity but in line with quality. Both bottles and traditional cans have been available for a few weeks. Do you remember them all? Sanfelice is the most delicate, very fine extra virgin olive oil, slightly spicy and never too intense, played on light notes of almond and wild herbs. The one we use right on less intense dishes. Then we have the Quattro Varietà, whose name derives from the varieties we use for its production: Sanfelice, Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo. It is the most versatile oil, the one that can be used on practically all occasions. Slightly bitter and pleasantly spicy. Finally, the Moraiolo is perhaps the most famous when one thinks of the extra virgin olive oil from this area of Umbria, an oil of great complexity, decisive, spicy, and of great harmony. What is used here for the traditional bruschetta or to season grilled meat.