Sustainable Winegrowing:Our Philosophy

In defense of biodiversity, environment and sustainability

We have been practicing only organic fertilization of our vineyards and olive groves for years: we treat them with care in accordance with viticultural sustainability, practicing late harvests and low yields, grassing between rows and proper canopy management according to different vineyards. We reject the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides because we firmly believe that a pristine environment gives healthy plants and excellent fruit.
Our attention to the soil positively affects the proper and balanced nutrition of crops, but also the entire ecosystem of the farm; in fact, the benefit also spills over to groundwater and wildlife.

“We are aware that the environment is and always will be the most important resource we have, crucial to our survival and that of all that lives near us, which must be safeguarded by using low-impact farming practices.”

Romanelli Natura and artificial nests: an agricultural eco-sustainable project

Romanelli Natura is an agricultural eco-sustainable project developed to benefit the biodiversity and ecosystem of Montefalco. Since 2008, artificial nests have been placed in the vineyards aimed at safeguarding important species of birds in the area such as hawks, kestrels, tawny owls and great tit.

Our wines

Our vineyards

Our vineyards are located on Colle San Clemente, a complex of soils with a predominantly clay and limestone matrix whose plots show significant differences even a few hundred meters apart. We decided to make it our strong point: every day we adapt production methods to the peculiarities of the individual plots, obtaining high quality products from every single bunch.