Winery Tours and Wine Tastings in Montefalco

Degustazione vino Cantina Romanelli

Romanelli Winery opens its doors:
a multisensory journey among Umbria's finest wines

Romanelli opens its winery with visits and wine tastings through tours designed to bring wine lovers closer to the production of Montefalco wines, guiding them to discover the nature that surrounds the property.

A tour at Romanelli Winery is a multisensory journey through the flavors and aromas of the products: you will have the chance to discover surprising landscapes among olive trees, walnuts, vineyards and paths. It is an immersive experience in the unspoiled nature of the estate. A path that leads guests into the heart of the property, to reveal to them the secrets of a great passion that we have been carrying on for more than 40 years.

Winery Tours and Wine Tastings by appointment only

The Romanelli family awaits you for an authentic and immersive experience in our world, in the heart of Montefalco. You will be our guests for a wonderful experience in contact with Italian flavors and landscapes.

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